About Us

Our professional service provides extensive experience in getting the right people to rent your holiday house more regularly and focusses on repeat guests.

We would love to look after you and your property!

Managing all your property availability and enquiries while giving you the freedom to use your home when you want to. We deal directly with the guests, the marketing and the payments and organise payments to you monthly. 

Coromandel Getaways arrange both short and long term rentals. If you are looking for a consistent income over a particular period then long-term rentals could be an option for you. We have regular long-term rental enquiries and can vet the tenants, carry out inspections and manage the property during their stay. 

If you prefer not to rent out your Holiday Home however from time to time need a little assistance or on the ground support we offer that too. 

Get in touch today and see how we can help you